Dumb game idea: Zombies

I was just looking at a post about a game with zombies in, and that prompted a new idea in my head.

A survival game, with zombies everywhere. You can kill them, but they respawn. The only way to survive is to get out of the lab.
To actually get a perfect ending, you might have to get out of the core containment area (where the virus was released), then get out of the lab building, but lock all the zombies back in the inner area so they don't escape too.

I was thinking of a system with RFID keycards; so the door can sense if you walk near it with the card. But for locks that require two or more keys, to prevent a thief just leaving the keycards lying around, they have to be moving to be detected. So you end up with a puzzle where you have to put a keycard in a zombie's pocket, and then lure it to walk past one 'key sensor' while you go to the other.

Zombies might move around the map in repeating patterns, or move towards you if they see you, or have specific behaviour patterns when they see a certain other person or thing, or in certain places. Clues to these behaviours can be found in their diaries and notebooks all around the lab (assuming they were former researchers).

You have two ways of stopping zombies; a stun gun that will paralyse them for X turns; or by smearing pizza sauce on the walls, they will spend Y turns licking it off (zombies all crave sauce) unless there's live prey (you) in sight. So you can stun a zombie, walk away, spread sauce on the walls in the key-sensor room, stand at the end of the corridor until the zombie wakes up, then once he's started moving in the right direction you go round the corner out of sight, leaving a couple of turns for him to reach the room with the sauce and do his thing, holding a door somewhere nearby open for you.

I think some (smaller or less violent) zombies can even be carried around; though doing so leaves you pretty much defenceless.

What do you think?

I like it!

Good idea.

Maybe I can help. I made this game. http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/fo9bej7z0kqiy_wxal2tcq/fing-game

This is some reload/spawns monsters scripts I worked on:
Start script, beginning

game.spawncount = 0
game.count2 = 0
game.changedcount2 => {
  switch (game.count2) {
    case (1,2) {
      game.spawn = false
    case (4) {
      game.count2 = 0

The rooms the monsters spawn in, after entering script:

firsttime {
  game.spawn = false
if (game.spawn = false) {
  SpawnZombie (this)
game.count2 = game.count2 + 1


Can there be a midget zombie we have to kick through something? (I've been wanting to do that again ever since I played that PS2 Evil Dead game.)

Great idea. I love it!

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