Creating Own Text Adventure Game

I am currently trying to create my own text adventure game and I have a great concept for one, however I am still new at this and need help. I am trying to create a boss battle but I am not sure how to go about doing that. If anyone could offer some advice or how to use the text adventure create mode to make this happen, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I anyone would be interested in designing this game with me, that would be great as well.

Normally, I just use a boss with an unusually large health points number.

To me, the boss shouldn't always be the big bad. Sometimes you can befriend the boss!

Actually this question is hard to answer because the game at all is vague. Knowing more is a better way to help. The final big boss fight depends how the game works. It would rely on an item or a piece of information, or it would just boost an advantage during the fight. If you are designing turns like the old "Final Fantasy" or "Fantasy Star" games, it would be about numbers and possibly collected items during the journey. Another good way of leveling it is if you put some previous repetitive task for the player, with a little reward. Thus reward may have a little difference in the final fight, but repeating the task many times gives the player many copies of the prize Healing potions, experience points, charges on a magic wand... you name it.

If your hole game is more like a typical parser game, perhaps you should include a puzzle of some sort - or multiple layers of puzzle - to defeat the boss. All linked to previous information. The boss hates light, so start a fire, use a flashlight and blind him partially. The boss is vulnerale to a certain attack, so not the player may use this tactic and defeat it a little more. The boss never learned to swim, so flood the place. If it is a parser without any specific mechanic, you MUST use the battle as a puzzle. If you have a mechanic, you can use a puzzle, but it MUST be influenced by the mechanics.

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