Very silly idea

You are in a test room.

This is a very simple debug room. In the middle of the room is a table.
You can see a table.

==> x table

It's made of something that might be wood or might be plastic. It isn't rendered in enough detail to tell the difference. In the middle, recessed into the wood, is a large button. When you look closer, you notice that there is also an old switch set into the edge of the table.

==> x switch

It's a simple metal switch set into the edge of the table. Beside it, labels are written in marker on the possibly-wood. The switch is currently set to "magic".

==> x button

It's red plastic, and illuminated from within. On the top is neatly printed "push to win game".

==> push button

You push the button and
Error: Division by zero in statement 'GetTurnsElapsed() / EvaluateScore(player.score)'
You might want to try reporting this, or use the debug command.

==> debug button

It's red plastic, and illuminated from within. On the top is neatly printed "push to win game".
You decompile the button's code. You find an alias, a button displayverbs (which contains examine, use, push, eat, and take), and an attribute stash (which contains pushed, locked, description, color, and scorevalue)

==> take eat

You take the verb. Eating the button will now result in a default error message.

==> enter push

You are in a win button.push.

msg ("You push the button and it lights up, filling the room with red sparkles")
turnsPerPoint = GetTurnsElapsed() / EvaluateScore(player.score)
turnsWasted = turnsPerPoint - EvaluateScore(player.maxscore) - 3
msg ("You have wasted "+GetTurnsElapsed()+" on this silly game")
if (turnsWasted > 0) {
else {

You can see turnsPerPoint, and turnsWasted.
You can go getTurnsElapsed(), evaluateScore(), goodEnding(), perfectEnding(), and msg().

==> go perfectEnd

It seems to be blocked. There is a bulky if-clause in the way.

New from Mr. Angel, META Adventures in Headspace!

I figure that you could run it as a typical text adventure, using variables as objects and functions as exits. If you pick up a variable, it gets replaced by __SPACE__ in the room description, and you can drop another one in its place. It's a standard puzzle of putting the right object in the right place, to make the score function return a non-zero value.

You are in a maze of twisty, branching else-if statements, all alike…

And something like this keps sending you to random rooms, until you put a switch in it (the one from the table, maybe :p)

Do it, mrangel!

I'll play it!!!

Me too!!!

your idea is quite intresting

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