Naming the Game: How the Fudge?

Well, I'm making a new game, and I'm feeling good and all.

However, first step in, and I'm hitting a wall with my names.

From what I know so far from googling the answer,
the name should be short, memorable, search engine friendly, and relevant.

So, I would like any suggestions and tips that you guys have for naming games.

Yes, the name should definitely be relevant. And Google does certainly help, if you need to search for something.

I don't think finding a good name has to fall into any of the conditions posted, other than memorable. Short and relevant can help to make it memorable but so can long and oblivious and I am curious as to what makes anything search engine friendly these days.
School me.



Call it "A Rose".

(What's in a name, anyway?)

Short and relevant can help to make it memorable but so can long and oblivious

I like a movie called GO and another called A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

(Is this pertinent at all?)

Hey, it's JMNE!

Hello, JMNE!!!

Back on point:

I advise coming up with a title once you've completed the game, unless it hits you before then.

You can easily change the name later,it is just a text field on the first tab of the game object. It has not have to be related to the game you give when you create it in any way.

I find that the best names are those that tell you everything you need to know, and yet nothing at all all at once, names like "Mass Effect" "Harry Potter" "Halo" "Doom" "Space Engineers" "Kerbal Space Program" "Ace Combat"

All these names tell you what the game is about, yet tells you nothing all at once. I think that a lot of the times, it's actually better to make a working title, and then come up with the name later, once you actually make the game and let the game tell you what it should be called.

Hi KV.

as best as I understand google (search engines):

they have 'spider/crawler bots' (hacking/coding-scripting/computers) that scan everything online, counting up each of the words/titles/names/etc, to determine its placement page/location of/within the google search result pages (aside from directly paying google a ton of money for placement on their first page, lol... blackmail/bribery... well... it's not really criminal in this case.... just capitolism... "you can BUY priviledge/special_treatment" from google, lol)

and so... some people try to flood their names/words/titles of whatever (their works or sites or whatever) all over online (every forum, spam as much quantity of names/words/titles/etc as you can, every site, and every whatever else online, as well)

here's a reference of how I learned about this:

(remove the dot/period within the '' for it to work in the url: copy and paste into url, delete the dot/period within it and then hit enter for the url to activate)

site's homepage:

this is a really good site for learning of more about (the basics of) computers and the web/internet and networking and security/malware/viruses and etc

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