What's up with everyone's obsession with "shrinked down" adventures?

Like, what the heck? When did this become the only game that people would review, play, and await updates on? People are unhappy because they can't get into a toilet bowl to watch somebody poop. Like, what?

I have no idea, I haven't seen any of those games.

Ah, I see there's a couple of mentions in the 'news feed', which is basically the most recent reviews. So maybe someone who's into stuff like that posted a link on a fetish forum or something, prompting a brief influx of shrinking fans at the same time.

There are a lot of "giantess" games on the site. It is quite a niche interest that would require some expensive effects to create videos, in contrast to other porn fetishes, and maybe interactive fiction is the best outlet for it. Quest has an easy entry into it, so I guess has become popular in the scene.

I recall years ago discussion that Inform7 would lead to an explosion of amateurish games. Squiffy and Quest are far easier, and therefore...

On the far larger other hand, I love being able to make text games and interactive presentations specifically tailored to my students' current English level. Squiffy isn't too hard even for my level of incompetence.

I took a look at the stats for the last few days. Zork is consistently top, and there is occasionally another non-adult game in the top ten. Shrinking games make up about half the top ten games.

...as discussed before, they really need to be classified as 'adult' and so disappear for those who don't want to see them. Alas, they are currently setting the tone for the site. :(

The issue may be that adult (and sandbox I guess) games are not filtered from the various feeds on the front page. Unfortunately I still do not have access to the forum software so cannot do anything about it

IMO, those games are ruining the site and game selection here. It’s hard to find good, quality games because they get buried in crud. I wonder how many games I’ve missed out on…?

I just select "top rated" from the front page. I also have my Quest app ignoring adult games

But I agree, it's an absolute infestation.

I like shirnked down adventues.

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