Seven women to one man...

is that even legal in most countries?

I don't know about 7. There may be some. I do know of a case where there is 5 women to 1 man.
He has a wife and 4 daughters, so hope that counts.

It's "legal" in Utah.

It's legal in some places. It's common in some places like Northern Europe.

Why must it be one man to one woman?
I was going to say in my country and most countries, it is illegal to have one man have multiple wives,
but just to be sure i checked wiki.

"A man is allowed to have a maximum of four living wives at any point in time."
Well I am shocked, although there are some requirements like you have to be Muslim and a big bunch of text
of requirements.

I think this post was originally referring to an ad which claims their website has seven times as many women as men. While this is unlikely (especially on a dating site), there's certainly no law against it.

I wouldn't be surprised if there were ten men for every woman on this forum.

But if you take it to refer to relationships… there's only legal restrictions about who you can do what with in the most repressive and conservative countries. If you can find seven women who want you so much they're willing to share, nobody is likely to object. Depending on your country you would probably only be allowed to marry one, but a lot of people see marriage as increasingly irrelevant in the modern world.

Yes, I was referring to the ad. ^^! But it started an interesting discussion on the subject. I know in China, due to the one child policy and boys were preferred over girls, the men greatly outnumber the women at this point, so the women can really be choosy in who they want to be with. Apparently there is a day or a ritual where the guys will bring flowers to a woman(s) (it's like an actual place with tables and chairs) and the woman can accept or refuse the flowers of the person giving them to her. Taking them means she wants you and refusing them means... well she refuses you.

And in Japan there is a practice of obligation chocolates, where the women give chocolates to everyone, but that does not mean they actually like you that way and is more of a "Hey don't feel so bad, eat some chocolate" type of thing. ^^!

It is common practice, although not sure it is for every Muslim man, to have up to four wives. I am not sure if certain countries just over rule that or not, but it is or was quite common at one point. Of course the wife could only have one husband and a whole slew of reasons followed why, but I am not going to get into all that here.

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