SyntaxError on very basic game :(

My game is just a simple choose your own adventure but every page at the very top starts with "Error running script: Error compiling expression '': SyntaxError: Unexpected end of fileLine: 1, Column: 1"

It's been there since the start but I don't have any coding in my game. And I don't know how to get rid of it. Please help.

Can you show the game? Maybe someone could take a look and try to figure out where the error is coming from.

You can do a format like this, minus the asterisk *.


And you can post code in the proper format.

if (got(Magikarp)) {
  msg ("You have a Magikarp.")

I've published the game and I'm not sure how to make it public at this point.

I just started with text for my story, no commands, no coding or anything. I tried the backticks but they didn't help with the syntax error. The syntax error is at the very top of the page before my text begins.

Never mind I found the error, at some point I must have hit the {if:} function without realizing it. Thank you!

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