Nautical Directions


This library allows me to switch the compass to nautical directions and add nautical exit commands.

Example game (VERY rough prototype):

The library (Version 1.5):


I thought 'The Pixie' had already produced a library to handle 'shipboard' directions:


From what I could tell:

The compass doesn't work.

Plus, you can't use standard directions on land and nautical when aboard a ship.

It's a ship-only thing, I think.

Oh, ok.
Would you also need to modify the 'ReverseDirection' function too from the 'core' library?
Or the 'NiceDirection' function from the 'NpcLib' library?


Would you also need to modify the 'ReverseDirection' function too from the 'core' library?
Or the 'NiceDirection' function from the 'NpcLib' library?

Good questions!


(Be right back.)

I've only seen the 'ReverseDirection' used from the 'CreateBiExits' function, but I could be wrong.


A Corridor, Fore End
You can go fore, or aft, or port or up.
Ralph enters from the starboard.

It's a little goofy, but that's what it does "out of the box". (It's almost right. ...except Ralph came from the port side. (And I don't know what's up with the "or"s.))


Okay, I've got it fixed up, I just wonder:

Should it be "enters from the fore side", or "enters from fore"?


I added the code to NiceDirection.


I also added the code to ReverseDirection.



If you ever start to ask me why I put you in the credits, remember this (and the code scrambler).

Sorry KV, I know it's probably been a lot of head-scratching trying to figure it out. I'll have a play with it later, and see if I spot anything else.


No need for apologies! Quite the contrary, in fact!

I want it to be correct and cover all the bases.

Plus, I enjoy every aspect of this. (I like to fix stuff, as long as it doesn't require manual labor.)

...and, speaking of fixing stuff, someone reported that the compass does not work on the ship when playing the example game online.

I've tested it out in the desktop player, in Firefox, and in Chrome, and it all worked for me.

If anyone has a different browser (or Firefox or Chrome) and notices that you can't use the compass, please let me know which browser you're using so I can nip it. Nip it in the bud!

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