Is it time to give Quest 5 and 6 their own channels on the forums?

Topic. People are beginning to use Quest 6 now and asking questions specific to it, but as I understand it, it's going to be a while before the average newcomer to this site picks it over 5 (accessibility, download location, ease of use, etc).

To prevent said newcomers stumbling on topics asking queries about 6 (which have all been clearly marked so far, to be fair), and to prevent said topics getting buried when they could be useful, would it not be better to make the split now? Or, repurpose the Questkit section.

repurpose the Questkit section.

This is what The Pixie has said he intends to do.

Also, it would be less confusing for everyone if all Quest 6 posts were placed in the QuestKit forum until that time comes. (I think mods have the power to move the existing posts, too.)

(I've almost pointed this out in the last two Quest 6 posts, but I didn't want to seem unpleasant. (I'm a pushover.))

As RH says, this is the plan. I am waiting to get full access to the forums from manowar.

Ah, didn't realize there was a blockade.

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