All games get stuck at 'Loading' page when run through website

Is there a problem with the website? I cannot edit a game of mine online, and when I try to run one it gets stuck at the 'Loading' page..... It worked fine last week.


In general, this means that the server isn't responding to your messages.

I think usually that means the server is overloaded. If you try again after ten or twenty minutes, it will probably be fine again. (I suspect that most people will respond by hitting 'refresh' a lot. So if I'm right in thinking it's a load issue, it'll continue being overloaded until some proportion of players give up).

I am also experiencing this. I have not been able to load, play, or edit my tiny little game. Runtime error, timeouts, stuck at loading, etc. Can't even download the game to edit it offline. All day.

Same here. I've had this issue since this morning and it has yet to be resolved. I'm unable to edit, play, download or create any games using Quest. Receives "Server Error in '/' Application. Runtime Error" when attempting to make a new game using quest.

Thanks for posting, I'm experiencing the same – on the day my students were set to play the game! Fingers crossed it comes back!

I’ve had the exact same issue, but I will add that I was trying many different games to see if the problem was the game I wanted to play that had its own issue, or the whole site. I actually found that the ONLY games that don’t get stuck in a loading screen are the editor’s picks. Also, given that this is still an issue, I’m guessing there’s something more than a load issue going on.


This won't really help, but:

All of the Editor's Picks are HTML games. Those are on a different server system (or something of that nature).

Quest games have to be run through something special to make them run online. So, no Quest games should work online when the Quest server is down, but all other games should work.

To expound (yes, I'm bored):

This is the beginning of the url of a Quest game:

This is the beginning of the url of all non-Quest games:

Quest is Windows-dependent. I think this site runs games through Azure (which, if I'm correct, is like a data center that sort of hosts Windows functionality for online stuff or something).

The server is now up and running again.

Thank you so much - is there anything we should know so we can address it in the future, should it happen again?

Aw, shucks.

I didn't do nothin'. The site admin just happened to check in on us. (He's a wizard. Never late, and all that, you know.)

I'm having problems this morning with Error 520, website not responding to Cloudfare. Is this the same issue?

Is the site down For mobile?

It looks like Quest has gone down again for the past couple of days, can't play any quest games or test my own.

Edit: It seems to be working again!

did you turn on devmode and pick the option where you can go in game and change where the player starts and then turn on devmode? If you did, that's the problem.

if you press "Show DevMode options" and then make it "Active" then press "Select another starting location for the player" It will put out an error and make you not be able to use the editor anymore.

The tab will even change to undefinable during the loading screen.

You can still download unless you have a slow Wi-Fi and you cannot download large files within 100 seconds, after 100 seconds the site will time out the download. You'd have to download it so you can edit it in Quest Software.

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