How to display Squiffy banner on my game after editing the game files.

Heyo. I just updated my game the CORRECT WAY with a squiffy ID and everything. But I do mess around with the HTML CSS and JS files after I build the game. I believe this removes the "Squiffy" banner on my game cover and replaces it with "HTML"?

I'm a proud Squiffy user, and I want to be able to wave my lovely Squiffy flag high and proud. This would be a nice touch :)

Is this even possible?

Not sure how the website determines the engine of an HTML game. If editing the HTML file produces odd results, it could mean that the site is looking for a specific contents or checksum of that file. You could possibly experiment with which files you change, to see which ones the site is using to make its decision.

And trust me, it doesn't take much to get a game hosed on the site. Still waiting to download my game... :(

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