Rereleased my game. Terrible bugs. Fixed it though. Here's what I've learned.

Make sure that if you use images, you NEVER. EVER. EVER use .JPG.

Use .jpg.

OH MY LORDY LORD. I just uploaded a fully illustrated version of my game The World Ends Today, I Think after months of playtesting. I thought it was good. Great. Perfect. No bugs. No nothing. But then, once I published it, some of the images weren't rendering.

But... Why though?

I have no idea how it happened, but some of my files were .JPG instead of .jpg. My computer when I was testing it straight from the HTML file didn't bother about this difference at all. But it does when you publish.

I had to scout out for all of those rogue images because the extension didn't show up in the file name. I used the inspect tool on my published game to see which specific images weren't showing up. Then I converted them to .jpg.

A cautionary tale. I hope no one has to go through this pain ever again.

Ohhhhh yes.

I spent two nights a week ago staring at a jpg that wouldn't load. Except that it was actually a jepg or some sort of nonsense extension. Time well spent...

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