Warriors/Warrior Cats: Swirling Fate. (Kit to Leader) by goodbunny2

This is a heavy WIP, don't recommend playing until halfway finished, at least. Updates every day, as promised. The paths soon to be available are:
-Elder (If you stay in your original Clan)
-Warrior (If you keep your Clan or choose someone to lead (insert-name) Clan.
-Deputy or Leader (Applies to (insert-name) Clan, and your original Clan.
-Leader of Rouges, or just a random Loner.
-Kittypet (Maybe, although this'll be mostly boring, you'll be able to go back into the forest as your kit, if you choose to have kits.)

Main plot dynamic, doesn't contain spoilers:

You are a 'Lost Soul', one who has died and entered 'The Void'.

No-one can save you, except yourself.

Choices shape out your life, and the best part - You get to play it out.
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