The Escape by turretrickster

Attempt to escape the cops, and make the right choices to get out of trouble. small 15mins top game, 3 possible endings.
Review by Icamenal
03 Apr 2016
I like how the endings can sometimes fade into the beginning, but it feels like a lazy game and the plotline is poorly written.

Review by TheWaltsu
11 May 2015
Story: 4/5
Writing: 3/5
Idea: /5
Gameplay: 1/5

Review by TAJ
12 Oct 2014
Wow, that was good! Really enjoyed it! Simply written, but extremely effective! The only thing stopping me from giving it a perfect score, though, is that there were a few spelling errors and little in the way of punctuation. But, honestly, that's just me being nit-picky! Sequel? Here's hoping! :D

Review by Kruisert
18 Dec 2013
That was pretty fun, an kind of intense.

A coupe spelling errors in the game though.

I made it to the airport on my first play :)

Good game overall!

Review by jackeloperson
20 Nov 2013
It seems to flow together really well, good storyline, nice ties to the endings that you usually can't see coming. I don't usually like games arranged like this, but there weren't as many sentences as one of those extremely visual ones, which are pretty wordy, although good descriptions are still given. I think you spelled limousine wrong. Some cuss words are imminent, so just be aware of that. All around great game.

Review by infinentvariables
20 Nov 2013
very nice descriptions where clearly acceptive and it gradually fitted together in one piece makes me think of the rockstar gta games as if im in the real world very nice game concept keep up the goodwork!

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