Possessed by Alexabooboobear!

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Eva and Lexi, two best friends who are unemployed and unable to pay their shared apartment rent, come across a job posting for a night guard in an abandoned warehouse. ⁤⁤They apply and somehow both get accepted. ⁤⁤However, when they arrive, they discover a notice from the owner regarding past workers' issues. ⁤⁤Inside the gloomy warehouse, weird text pasted on the walls and scary noises appear, as Eva is inexplicably attacked. ⁤⁤Lexi searches anxiously for her best friend. Will you be able to find Eva, and return home safely is up to you. Make smart choices along the way.

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Review by Sugarsugarfairy
14 Mar 2024

‘ Possessed’ is an extraordinary story where you have to guard a haunted warehouse. You have to make hard choices that can kill you with the slight wrong step. In this story, there are excellent character relationships between you and your friend, and you can really see how her personality shapes your character and future decisions.

This story has many different paths to choose from. Even though this story is quite a commitment (the writing between the decisions is long), it's worth it because it is descriptive and has a good story line. The beginning allows you to understand your situation. As the story builds, things quickly get weirder, and you have to make flight or fight decisions.

I believe this story is quite scary, even though it is a bit long if you are not much of a reader. The detail makes it just scary enough, and it is not as predictable as other horror stories because it is not just haunting. I do recommend this story if you want to read an action-horror story.

Review by Sheep580
11 Mar 2024
Funfunfunfun good fun can million you should play it. even though i died it was still good!!! 🥰

Review by Nightmare019
11 Mar 2024
This game is a great second part to my horror 'Possession', still showing interesting differences. Definitely recommended!

Review by eggalbagel
11 Mar 2024
SO AMAZING! I really enjoyed playing this and the plot is so intriguing.

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