Reviews by eggalbagel

Review for The Tortured Forest
14 Mar 2024
The game “The Tortured Forest” is a thrilling experience for all. It goes into depth about a group of friends heading into a forest for their camping trip that they booked online. I believe that this is an excellent option if you are looking for a horror game that is short.

Once you start, you'll notice that there are not a lot of endings and some of the sentence starters are repeated or strangely worded. Another issue I noticed was that the grammar wasn't the best. This does take away from the potential, but the game is still enjoyable. It was extremely fun for me to play and the description was amazing. The person who drew the art definitely put a lot of effort into it.

Overall, the game was quite enjoyable and interesting to play. It had a great plot and was well planned out. It shows that there was a lot of effort put into the art and less into the writing.

Review for Possessed
11 Mar 2024
SO AMAZING! I really enjoyed playing this and the plot is so intriguing.

Review for The Butcher
11 Mar 2024
So much fun! I love the story line and it gave me the goose bumps!

Review for Midnight Spooks
11 Mar 2024
So much fun! I enjoyed playing this game and I definitely recommend it!

Review for Possession
05 Mar 2024
Such a great game! I was really entertained by it and the overall plot was very interesting!

Review for The Hijack
05 Mar 2024
Such a great game! Definitely recommend!