Sword and Spell by slimydino

"You, Sam, are different from the others. You were given a gift. A powerful, yet dangerous gift. Under control, it can do marvelous things, but in chaos, it can destroy any one or thing, even you. This power you possess is an ancient one. You can control the very thing that keeps our universe together. Your power is that of magic. Sam, you are a wizard.
With your powers, you will be able to save our world, and take evils grasp off it. Go, Sam, and may sword and spell be with you on your quest."

This is a quest that takes your 1990s city boy back in the past, where his power must be used to stop an event that will bring upon the world's destruction. He is about to discover what has happened, and what will happen, if he does not stop this event from occurring. But first, he must choose his sword, and with this choice comes his spell. You are Sam's conscious, and you must guide him on his journey. His journey, with sword and spell.

Note: when using spells you must type "use 'spell page name' on 'object'."
For Example: (unlocking the mirror in the bathroom)
Type in: "use spell page 1 on mirror"

Version 1.0
First part of the game

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Review by Ashonai
24 Oct 2017
It's a good game - I look forward to future versions. However, I recommend not making each piece of currency an individual item - it clutters up the inventory. Likewise, there should be a spell book that contains all spell pages, and which, when read, gives you all spells that you have so far. There are also several spelling errors in the text. However, putting all that aside, I will reiterate that it is an excellent game so far, and I look forward to seeing its development.

Review by Pkg21
09 Mar 2016
It wouldn't let me out of the room!!!! Please fix.

Review by shannah
26 Apr 2015
It was great! Thanks for the game! It was fun!

26 Apr 2015

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Published 24 Apr 2015
Updated 23 Jan 2016