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Review for Sword and Spell
24 Oct 2017
It's a good game - I look forward to future versions. However, I recommend not making each piece of currency an individual item - it clutters up the inventory. Likewise, there should be a spell book that contains all spell pages, and which, when read, gives you all spells that you have so far. There are also several spelling errors in the text. However, putting all that aside, I will reiterate that it is an excellent game so far, and I look forward to seeing its development.

24 Oct 2017
One of the best text adventure games I've ever played. It really makes you think about the solutions to many problems, and the descriptions are vivid enough that I can see the scenes playing out in my head.

26 Dec 2016
I really enjoyed the dynamics of this adventure. I'd be interested in some sort of sequel about what her life is like afterwards, using her powers to be the best at her job. I really enjoyed your other game, Whitefield Academy of Witchcraft, as well. I hope that you make more games soon... or if you have other games somewhere, please point me in their direction!