Tooth and Craw (Public Ver. | Jan 2022) by CuttleScuttle

[Image drawn by the wonderful honezika427! FA here:]

Fight! By Tooth and Craw!

Tooth and Craw is a Vore game that sets out to rectify a burning question:

Why are all the prey in vore games suicidal?

Typically, when you want a specific ending in a vore game, you either have to throw yourself in harm’s way—or let the enemy whittle your HP to zero. It feels passive. And I wanted to try my hand on another take!

In Tooth and Craw, you play from the perspective of the prey—but choose the actions of the predator.

In order to earn specific endings, you’ll afflict the poor prey with a menagerie of vore-themed status effects. Is the mouse a tough pill to swallow? Lube them up with your spit, leaving them ⛆ Drenched ⛆ in your saliva.

And if it isn't rude to ask, visit my Patreon! Get early access to game updates, free vore stories, delicious vorish audio, and help keep this game alive!

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Review by Weirwolf14
05 Jan 2023
The idea of it is good but it needs something more to it.

Review by Maximus814814
01 Jul 2022
great game.

Review by LoafuChan
15 Jun 2022
looks pretty good :D

Review by Xile2332
11 May 2022
When update?

Review by jmnevil54
07 Feb 2021
I played until I got to "see a flash of red and blue" and I found a dead end!
I also look forward to unbirth! I love snake vore too!
5/5 stars!

Review by ezgameman
21 Jun 2020
Very unique game, only one pred and prey so far, but it's an excellent start. Looking forward to updates as I'm biased towards female preds and unbirth.

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Published 05 Feb 2021
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