Reviews by jmnevil54

05 Dec 2022
I died sexveral times.

Review for Guilded Youth
21 May 2022
Well done. Needs wpork.

Review for Full Life of a Wolf
17 Jun 2021
Are you going to update soon? It's so short, especially if you choose the boy path.

17 Jun 2021
Very good game. I got stuck and I don't know where I'm supposed to go, but at least I lived.
I had managed to pull down the ceiling.

Review for Wumpus 2.0
10 Jun 2021
I had fun with the game.
It's a good game.

06 Jun 2021
It is a good game. Can't wait to see more!

I just pet her stomach walls softly for a while...

Review for Zombie Apocalypse
27 May 2021
Well worth the effort! Very scary! I'll have to play this again some time!

15 Feb 2021
Top quality game. Nice mystery. Nice puzzles.
Very fun! 5/5 stars!

Review for THETA
07 Feb 2021
I enjoyed it! It was complicated, but I enjoyed it. I just wish I knew where the unbirth was...
It's kind of glitchy...
Great game! 4/5 stars!

07 Feb 2021
I can't seem to find a way to win. Good game nonetheless.

I played until I got to "see a flash of red and blue" and I found a dead end!
I also look forward to unbirth! I love snake vore too!
5/5 stars!

Review for Gamma Intruder
05 Feb 2021
It works fine on my Kindle!
It's a great game! I almost died, and then the game ended, I'm pretty sure! Either that, or the gun busted and there was no link to click on. Please work on your game!

03 Feb 2021
I love Frozen. My sister and I watched it when it came out.
It's a short and sweet game! Good game!

I don't get it. I don't see any puzzles. There aren't any indications of any puzzles.

Not worth 1 star though. It's a good game.

Also, I died twice.

Review for Sorting 63 Genders
27 Jan 2021
At the beginning part of the game where I was a baby I just slept, lol. Type sleep!
This game is not done yet. The look at drink command says nothing out of the ordinary.
I'd give it 2/5 stars for alcohol poisoning but 4/5 seems fair. It is a good game.

It was fun. I don't get the point of this game. I really don't get the point of this game.
4/5 stars

17 May 2020
Good game. It could use some improvements. I'm not sure what the key is for.
I died to the boss.
3/5 stars

Review for Positive Space
06 Jan 2020
The link doesn't work.

23 Dec 2019
I love dragons! Very, very good story! I love the story!
Could use some work. I want to help.
Update soon please!

Review for stand up
22 Sep 2019
This is just an advertisement. Who played this game and put it in the simulation category?

Promising more does not always make up for putting out the game in an incomplete state. If I see promise, it does make up for it. If I don't see promise, it does not make up for it.

For any player attempting to play this game, type "use knife on wallpaper."

Here are a few tips:
1. Write a few clues that the knife can be used on the wallpaper. Something like "The wallpaper is ripping, and looks like it can be cut through." I saw you made one on the look at verb, but it's only one clue. Also, modify the take script of the knife so that a message is printed when the knife is taken, like "Maybe I can use this knife for something." Always give clues for puzzles.
I took a screenshot for doing this.
2. Delete unnecessary verbs like take for objects used as scenery.
3. Make the regular text adventure look like a regular gamebook style. There are a few ways to do this.
I made screenshots.
1. Turn off panes.
2. Turn off descriptions.
3. Turn off panes and/or descriptions with functions.
The problem is, the black and white background and text, along with the verb buttons, lead the player to believe there is nothing more to the game, making them quit. Making the game much more simple looking will make the player think there is more to the game.

Review for The Jeffery Parable
27 Aug 2019
I had fun. I played until I got the "press L in the mysterious room" ending.

It's a good game. It could improve. It's based off of the Stanley Parable, however, the Stanley Parable is lengthened by having lots of scenery, narration, and multpie paths. This game has ittle scenery, not much narration, and some but not as many paths. I understand this game may not be complete. The author may need to add multiple new paths, new scenery, and new narrationd, to lengthen the playtime of this game. For his sake, I hope he does so too.

Review for Fiona
05 Jul 2019
Good story. I ended up killing everyone on accident. I hope there's a good ending too.

I would play it again if I were into reading.

Review for StoreyMinus
08 Apr 2019
I exited the game soon.
I was in there 4 hours and 28 minutes. I covered 6 areas. I found 1 trinket. I had a final score of 11.

Very nice maze game. It needs more suspense, it could use more obstacles, maybe monsters or spikes.

Review for Venus Meets Venus
04 Nov 2018
I'm still confused as to what happened. I skipped through a lot of this game. It just isn't my type of story, too boring, too sexual. Then the plot hit me like a ton of bricks. A girl has a girlfriend. Girl 2 leaves, girl 1 cheats on her with a girl she met at a bar, a trans girl with a penis. Then girl 1 forgets girl 3 and forgets ever being with her. Girl 2 finds out, and is super mad, but cannot find a good reason to break up. Also, the author implied girl 1 might be pregnant with girl 3's child, but it was never addressed again, so apparently she wasn't.

Excellent story, if you're into that sort of thing.

Review for Good Night
20 Oct 2018
I played it. It was a good game. Not my taste, but I'm sure it's to someone's taste.
Well done design and story. Game and font looks good. It's a bit confusing at times, but I got through most of the game.

Review for Eat Cow To Live
18 Jul 2018
You kill a cow. You eat the cow. I died twice. It's very short. It's very violent.

29 Jun 2018
I did not see a proper ending, I think, but it was a proper horror story. It scared the crap out of me, so I guess you accomplished what you wanted.

The flashlight scene at the end.... *shivers

Review for Fantomina
16 Jun 2018
I cannot believe you completely erased the player look description, and then submitted the game as is.
Cool prank. I'd give 4/5 stars, but people don't understand sarcasm. Or passive aggretion. So here's 2.

12 Feb 2018
Very beautiful! Nice story!

Review for Space Invaders
21 Dec 2017
Nice graphics!

Could have done better with some music.