ESPER: The Secret of Drom Bennacht by Ian McDermott

A supernatural Thriller / Mystery in which you play a member of the secret society ESPER. Angus Winters, patriarch of the Winters clan and last Laird of Drom Bennacht has heard the Banshee, and fears his life is about to end. You have been sent to discern the truth of this claim of the supernatural, but soon find that there is more going on at Drom Bennacht than meets the eye! Comes with a short ESPER story! V 1.2 with bugfixes!

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Review by lee connor
08 Feb 2011
Ok the plot was good and it was well written but absolutely zero interaction with the environment. I did like the examinable objects not appearing in the quick box making you read the room descriptions more but it's so straightforward.

Review by zanessa~
30 Aug 2007
good game it still hurts my eye though.(red letters on black hurts)good game though

Review by Blaze
20 May 2005
Ah, a game for the intelligent. I like that. Those who may have said this game is poorly made, obviously don't have any appreciation for a fantastic plot line, a well-thought-out game world, and clever interaction set. This game has those things, and good job on the *Hint* WALDER thing in the guest room.

Review by francisstokes
15 Mar 2005
I have not finished this game yet,but i think its one of the few good ones in the archive.

Review by bob1
25 Feb 2005
not so good

Review by Steve Lingle
16 Jan 2005
Overall, this is a good, playable game. It is well written and easy to follow.
There are a few noticable errors. Thankfully, spelling is not a big issue here. In fact, I only noted one spelling error as I played the first time. I think the word "poosibly" shows up in the Master Bedroom.
Aside from that, here a couple issues that are a bit more important:
The description in the Captain's room is incomplete.
The bookshelf surprisingly, can be picked up. I'm sure that's a simple oversight.

There were not that many. I'm sure there were one or two more but I don't recall.

But again, overall, it was very well done and I give it a 4 out of 5.

steve the gaming guy

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Written by
Ian McDermott

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Written for Quest 3.5
Published 16 Jan 2005

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