The Mansion by Nick Dablin

Your wealthy uncle has just died of a heart attack. You're his only living relative. What's strange is that your family has never had any history of heart problems and he was fit and healthy up until his death. Time to investigate and see if you can find any clues to his untimely death. This is a good old-fashioned adventure - puzzles to solve, keys to find, the usual. Hopefully it's large enough to keep you occupied for a good while! :)

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Review by MightyPlayer071222
24 Oct 2019
Is there any updates???

Review by Hormus
19 Jul 2018
I haven't finished the game yet, but this is by far the best mystery game ever. Keep up the good work!


Review by jeuxdeau
27 Aug 2017
Great game, very fun, my friend and I played it all night and beat it. It kept you going without being "stuck" for too long. Thanks for including maps too. Cheers!

Review by nmeibaum
12 Nov 2015
The only problem I had was instances where very specific wording was required (I didn't realize that the shell machine turned into a different object when the shells were added) and I feel that the end choices could have been made clearer, but I was able to solve the puzzle so it's all good.

Review by Racketeer
06 Sep 2015
See ma comment.

Review by MisterPibb316
02 May 2015
I've been looking for a non-gamebook game worth giving 5-stars to (I already awarded that score to Victorian Detective 2.) At first I thought I had a eureka moment with this game, but as it went on, things didn't seem to build up, other than the tension of destroying property that isn't yours. The 'good' ending doesn't flow with the player character's intentions, so that also is a little bit of a downer (then again, I know that the sequel compensates for this... not giving any real spoilers, so take that as you will.) Still, most of the puzzle difficulty is exactly at the level that I consider to be perfect for the text adventure medium, and I had a lot of fun exploring the mansion and wondering just what the heck awaited me around the corner. Ultimately, this is a pretty good game that is a charm or two away from being great.

[[[Reviewer's Note: if you're struggling with the command interface, remember that many Quest games love the USE command. In this game, you'll be doing a lot of USE [object] WITH [object], or even just USE [object].]]]

Review by Welsh_Willis
02 Feb 2015
My 1st ever text adventure and I loved it. I'm building a similar adventure and wanted to play something like minded for inspiration. I gave it 4* for the following reasons :
Positives - I enjoyed the humor from talking to inanimate objects to the multiple endings (Save it 1st!) and the end game message.
The puzzles were unique and fitting to the adventure, and with different levels of difficulty.
I did enjoy working out the commands to using certain machines.
The story is somewhat interesting, kept me just interested enough to find out what had happened.

Negatives - You go 'Up' and 'Down' stairs not look at them.
There are too many items that did nothing, maybe you had an idea for these objects and either forgot or couldn't implement them?
There are loop holes in the code that recreate items after you've used them once.
I did have to refer to the Comments section to work out my next move to find the 'code' I should have found in the early part of the game that wasn't so obvious... maybe my mistake for not looking at 'everything'.
Other than that it's a big thumbs up. Thank you. Now off to the sequel...

Review by ejm29
13 Jan 2015
This would be a great game, but the commands are anything but obvious. I sent way to much time trying to put a painting back, and trying to go up some stairs. Its extremely frustrating at times, which is a great shame, as this has taken the fun out of the game for me. Its a pretty good game apart from that.

Review by gn0me
18 Dec 2014
It was amusing enough to play, but the fact that it was missing obvious commands like "put painting in frame" or "up staircase" made it frustrating at times. Funny responses when talking to objects.

Review by Kalehpache
10 Nov 2014
Nicce work! I enjoyed it very much! :-)

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Written by
Nick Dablin

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Written for Quest 3.11
Published 31 Jan 2004

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