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Reviews by Welsh_Willis

Review for Destiny
23 Feb 2018
I've been a huge Destiny fan since day one. This is poorly written, poorly executed and uninteresting. Where's the Warlock option? No Zero rating option, so had to settle for a 1!

Review for The Mansion
02 Feb 2015
My 1st ever text adventure and I loved it. I'm building a similar adventure and wanted to play something like minded for inspiration. I gave it 4* for the following reasons :
Positives - I enjoyed the humor from talking to inanimate objects to the multiple endings (Save it 1st!) and the end game message.
The puzzles were unique and fitting to the adventure, and with different levels of difficulty.
I did enjoy working out the commands to using certain machines.
The story is somewhat interesting, kept me just interested enough to find out what had happened.

Negatives - You go 'Up' and 'Down' stairs not look at them.
There are too many items that did nothing, maybe you had an idea for these objects and either forgot or couldn't implement them?
There are loop holes in the code that recreate items after you've used them once.
I did have to refer to the Comments section to work out my next move to find the 'code' I should have found in the early part of the game that wasn't so obvious... maybe my mistake for not looking at 'everything'.
Other than that it's a big thumbs up. Thank you. Now off to the sequel...