Carnival of Shadows by Craig Dutton

You are a Private Detective and just got a call from your snitch, Billy the Pinch. He claims he knows something about a murder you're working on. He asks you to meet him at the Carnival Voyage at midnight when it will be quieter...

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Review by funkyspunk90
18 Sep 2016
VERY sparse, for descriptions and objects, with some typos.
The puzzles dont make much sense- An early puzzle involves you destroying an object you had no reason to know you'd need destroyed, in a way that doesn't make much sense why it destroys it. Then you have to examine an object you weren't told existed (not described anywhere, no one refers to), to find an object which had no logical reason for being there...
The game could have made some sense with clues etc, but as said there are no descriptions or info given about any objects.
Needless to say, only found out when finally giving up and checking a walkthrough- Frustrating wasting time trying to work it out only to find it wasn't possible.

Review by DaNiX88
28 Apr 2015
SO CLOSE!! I almost finished the game without using the comments/walkthrough. I really enjoyed this one for its relatively straightforwardness and the interesting dialogues with all characters. Others have said that this place was too complex, but compared to "City of Blood," for example, I found my way around quite easily, since it wasn't that big of an area to search. The only thing I could say is that as a mystery game, you should add details to everything. As a detective, I want to be keen of my surroundings and use subtle clues to catch the criminal.

Keep up the great work!

Review by markydennis
16 May 2014
excellent! had to make a quick map to get around :) enjoyed it very much!

Review by Curbuscus
28 May 2013
Too big of place and no way out. BROKEN!

Review by Mike24
31 Oct 2012
The game itself doesn't seem bad, but i can't find myself immersing myself within it...

Review by Gary Binns
16 Jul 2012
Great game, love the location. Howling success!

Review by sarah4
03 Jul 2012
Yet another amazing game from my favourite author! Some really entertaining and challenging puzzles, an intriguing mystery, an involving storyline and a great setting with lots of places to explore. Can't wait for your next game, I'm loving the mystery element of your last two games as I'm a big fan of whodunnits, don't suppose you've considered turning your hand to a classic mansion house golden-age mystery, I think you'd do a fantastic job, though I'm sure your next game will be amazing whatever form it takes!

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Written by
Craig Dutton

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Written for Quest 5.2
Published 01 Jul 2012
Updated 19 Jan 2013

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