Until Light by Pinkiuss

In this text based version of "Until Dawn", you play as ten different characters, Sally, Joss and his twin sisters, Hanahhand Beetres, Michael, Jesika, Emilee, Mat, Ashlee, and Christof. Every choice you make, can mean life, or death...This is just the Prologue, if this get popular enough, I will make every chapter of the game, in chapters. One by one, until the game is complete. I will try to save me some time by making only two possible endings, the good ending, and the bad ending...I am aware of some mistakes in this, and I'm sorry. It is very hard to check everything...This series will contain vulgar and suggestive themes. I changed names of characters for copyright purposes. Idk how this works but I know I can't get a copyright strike. All I am doing is using the same idea for a game, yes?

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Published 06 Sep 2015
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