Dad and Chloe by Romanos Fasoulis

A short story between a man and his daughter.
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Review by Savio
06 Dec 2020
Doesn't work.

Review by sandman42
11 Dec 2016
That was so emotional I'm still crying... It was really simple but it got to me........ I'm still crying... I dont normally get so emotional with stories and movies a whole lot... but just something about her just wanting to hold his hand... thinking about my future self, losing curiosity and losing my daughter.... dang, I'm still crying.... it got too real man ... :/ it wasnt even the cancer thing just his daughter loving him and wanting to hold his hand and not understanding why he wont come in with mom... then she dies :/ im literally still crying... thanks i guess...

Review by happysappygirl101
20 Jul 2016
Personally, I thought the game was a bit cheesy. I liked the part at the end with the wife asking Dad to "hold (her) hand" like the daughter asked him originally. However, due to the lack of foreshadowing to Chloe having cancer, and the noticeable spelling errors in the text, I found the story seemed rushed, as if it were begging for an emotional response from the audience by incorporating the cancer bit at the end. If the story had been longer, and if there were more ways to interact with the wife, I personally believe the story could have been a lot more immersive and interesting to the reader. Not bad, and has potential, but I feel that some character development and more choices, foreshadowing to the cancer-related ending, and interaction with the Mom before the cancer part (as well as some spell checking) could have really brought this story to the next level. Not bad, but in my humble opinion, could have used some more details. Good job regardless!!

Review by DerpyCat
12 Mar 2016
This was such a touching story about a man and his daughter, being divorced, and love. It made me cry a bit. A job well done.

Review by JC-R
23 Feb 2016
Well done!

Review by TTPeriod
14 Sep 2015
Dang, you made me cry. ;-;

Stories usually don't make me sad, and I find only some genres do, but dang!

Review by arislaf
05 Feb 2015

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Romanos Fasoulis
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Published 10 Feb 2014
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