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Review for Dad and Chloe
14 Sep 2015
Dang, you made me cry. ;-;

Stories usually don't make me sad, and I find only some genres do, but dang!

19 Jul 2015
Pretty good game! I like how the seemingly obvious choices is sometimes truly not the right choice, and how hard it is to choose the correct one. Right on. I enjoy it fully, but it was pretty basic to make, which spotlights the 4star choice.

Fastpaced, and much action here! Very well, indeed. You deserve the rating. Continue to develop your skills in Quest and writing, as you're going to need them if you want to make a more improved game to your liking.

19 Jul 2015
This is an okay story for me, but I got some suggestions.

There is some capitalisation errors, and when someone speaks, you usually start a new paragraph, I think? Otherwise, you'll be fine. I also want to point out a spelling error-- this is how you spell unconsciousness.

I don't get the story fully yet, be sure to make the challenge/problem clear.


19 Jul 2015
The story was good, and the story genre (this is probably sci-fi, hm?) fit to my tastes, so I praise you for that. Though, the game was simple, it was also fun and I usually skim and don't read text, but this was good enough for me to read line to line.

The game is short for ME, but just enough for some who doesn't have a lot of time, so I wouldn't deduct a star for that. Good writing skills, and enjoyable, which is sometimes hard to find around here.

Though, I don't feel anything much special, other than that it's really good, great writing, and the amount of thinking needed to choose a choice. I rate it a 4.

Review for Machine of Death
11 Jul 2015
Really fantastic. Happy to die of old age. The next time I played, looking up. XD