The Ultimate Museum by Jonathan4

As an unwilling student, you must navigate the annoyances and inconveniences of a less than stellar museum in order to complete your class assignment. But is there more to the Ultimate Museum than meets the eye...? (Yes, there is.)

- Outwit museum guards!
- Buy overpriced food!
- Photograph artwork!
- Check out the gift shop!
- Fight monsters!
- Take notes!
- Plus more!

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Review by Claire6129
12 Dec 2013
Not too exciting, a bit confusing with all the places to go, ex, east south, south, west south, north, west, east…. But overal very good and descripted.
I liked your rat one better.

Review by Sue
16 Nov 2013
This was a very good game. The puzzles weren't particularly hard, but were challenging enough to make you think about them. The tone was light, and the humour kept the prose moving, though the tone of the game never became too silly, which was fantastic. Excellent spelling and grammar (so rare!) and a very interesting concept. Certainly worth playing!

The only reason I bumped it down to a 4 was because I had a lot of trouble with the game jamming up unexpectedly. Only about half of the description resulting for a command would appear; sometimes patience would win out, and sometimes I'd just have to close out and restart from my last save point. I play on the browser, so perhaps this isn't a problem in the offline version ...? Either way, I'm glad I stuck with it; this was definitely worth the effort!

Great job, Jonathan! I look forward to playing more of your games.

Review by Alien Invasion
06 Jul 2013
Very well-written game.

There are monsters? Please write a walkthrough, because I'm stuck and would like to experience the whole game.

Review by sarah4
24 Jul 2012
I'd somehow managed to miss this little gem of a game, but am very glad I found it eventually! Very well written with good descriptions and intuitive commands and challenging but soluble puzzles. I was completely unprepared for what I thought was a straightforward educational game to take the direction it did but was very impressed with the way your descriptions portrayed the change in atmosphere! Given the number of games on here which seem to ignore the vital importance of grammar, spelling and clear, concise and evocative language in establishing the mood and location of a text adventure, and the players who complain that many excellent games which do stick to these rules are being too 'wordy' it's nice to find another author who seems to understand these maxims so I hope you will consider writing more games!

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