Moonlight Vs. Spikers 1/3 (Original) by Detective

Part 1 available!

Your choose your gender, your gender will choose either Moonlight or Spiker clan. It's wolves against Lynxes.
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UPDATES March-april:

-Male version is now available!
-Female goes up to The next year
- Male perspectives will be able to choose between 2 crushes ;)
- Part 2 & 3 are DISCONTINUED

Apparently I had to cut Male version short because all my data has been lost when a moderator put this into a category or something. I'll be working on Part 2 first that way I could fix the problems with the Male. Part 2 will be longer, although I can't promise it but I'll try my best. Thank you for your patience!

!!Discontinued story!!
Ive gotten a lot of hate from this storyline. Yes I do know that it says 'cat' instead of lynx. Im not full interested in the animal types, I mix them up with the different cat types. Female lynxes are called CATS thats why I have it in the game. Please don't review my game with little detail rating it a 2-3 star. Its annoying and I get really insecure about my stories. Yes I know its suppose to come off as criticism but I'm sensitive. Im sorry if I made any mistakes, I made this for fun and had a lot of motivation back then. If you hate some things about this game, please dont say anything that can come off as rude or offensive pls. Thanks,

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Review by Dawn Owl
29 Oct 2020
It's...okay. It says 'cat' instead of lynx often, grammar is poor and the storyline is alright.

Review by Heres a problem
20 May 2020
<33 This game is so good! Lyb!

06 May 2020
Dis is so gud. But u shuld ficc the gramar and corect da wods. Da story is lit, kip it up!
(This is so good. But you should fix the grammar and correct the words, {like this!}. The story is lit, keep it up!)

Review by PietroXI
23 Mar 2020
Excellent game thus far, love the unique plot and character development. Can't wait to see where this goes!

Review by Warriorcats908
22 Mar 2020
It's pretty good. I can't wait for you to continue it. Please tell me when it is finished.

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