Camping Trip by Stella S.

For the entire summer, you must spend uneccesary amounts of time somewhere you don't want to be (like a campsite), doing something you don't want to do (like camping).
But can you find a way to make it fun?

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You play as a lazy boy named Jack, cursed for an entire year to be a reluctant member of the Farland Scouts, a group of children who like to go camping. Camping is something you despise. Don't ask me why you joined the Scouts in the first place - that's your problem.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

PLEASE NOTE: In real life, don't run off into the woods, and don't steal tents from elderly men. Just because Jack might do such a thing does not require you to do it yourself. Thank you.

Version 1.2

- The grammar is better.
- The vocabulary is better.
- The description is better.
- Now, it's all in present tense, instead of a little of this and the past.
(NOTE: If any mistakes are still spotted, please report them in the comments or reviews, it'd be a great help! Thank you!)

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Published 19 Mar 2016
Updated 05 May 2018