Secretly French by Houstonion

In this story, you are encouraged to be as evil and as much of a jerk as you want. Nobody will judge you.
For the record, this story is pretty mature. Lots of blood and death in relatively odd and/or creepy ways.
There is 1 way to win (survive) and right around 100 ways to die. Have fun.

Version 1.4
Added restaurant option, 26 new deaths added, grammatical errors fixed, city easier to get to.
Review by _bguette_
18 Jan 2020
I really like this game. The humor is not for everyone, but the game has lots of options and is well made.

Review by Zesc
17 Oct 2019
Like most games in the comedy section, this one is mostly just incongruent randomness that is trying (probably to hard) to be funny.

There isn't much else to complain about, i call this solid game if you're into the kind of humour.

Review by TheoLogic
11 Jan 2018
This Game is Awesome!

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