Geoff's Adventure by legodan99

The world is under threat and you, Geoff, are the only person who can save mankind. You can be the savior or the destroyer. The choice is yours.

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Review by Jesse Richardson
09 Jan 2017
a poorly made game. And "Geoff" looks more like your mother.

Review by mentlegen
23 Dec 2016
man i havent seen a funnier one then this one

Review by Regisblackgaard
13 Oct 2016
Meh.... Geoff looks weird.

Review by Lilaboc
02 Apr 2016
It's okay.

Review by G_G
17 Sep 2015
I had fun with Geoff. I hope we can hang out more in future games.

Review by StoryBox
27 Jul 2015
It was good nothing special but good

Review by MisterPibb316
26 Apr 2015
Amusing, spontaneous humor, but as a game, nothing special.

Review by LoadedDice
11 Mar 2015
I am a Geoff in real life and I approve this game.

Seriously, hilarious stuff...I wish I'd spotted the Save button sooner because I wanted to run back through everything and keep trying all the different endings. :)

26 Dec 2014
Easy, short, cyoa, the only good thing was the humour.

Review by Tale Weaver
26 Dec 2014
STARS! TAKE THEM! I love it. I just wish I knew who the guy on the cover is.

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