Dungeon Treasure by Yoyogi Jotaro

Excuse me, I am Japanese, so I am not good at English. So there may be not correct English...

You are the soldier wandering the dungeon. There are rumors that in the back of the dungeon sleeping treasure the warlock hid. Can you find the tresure in spite that there are many strong monsters... The Goddess Rubura Bless You!

And Good Luck.

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Review by GameofChocolate
11 Jun 2017
The directions were slightly disorienting, but I loved the random attacks, and the desperate plea to the goddess option. I am a millionaire. Great job! Good luck with working on your English. It wasn't too bad. :) <3

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Written by
Yoyogi Jotaro

Published 14 Oct 2015
Updated 14 Oct 2015