Beautiful Lies (Update 0.5.0) by Y4T5UR0

A world built of lies is but a fake paradise. Yet ironically, that fake paradise is all I have.

The story features you, an amnesiac wanderer, as you embark on an adventure filled with the warmth of friendship and trust. Or so it was supposed to be. But through the passage of time, will things remain still? As everything pulls in; as things crumble, will such a thing be possible?

Note: The story features escapism as the main theme

A/N: I'll be honest. Even among all of the projects which I have not finished, this is my first "proper" gamebook (excluding the gamebooks I start because I want to try gamebooks). I remember wondering when the time will come when I make a gamebook after a continuous series of new text adventures. I apologize that it's mostly nothing sort of grandiose, partly due to my lack of skill (which is further nerfed by my lengthened absence of practice) and my nagging urge to leave at least one memorable trace on this platform. The rather simple plot might also be because of that. So yeah.

Edited (IV) A/N 2: The description's finally done. Might come off as edgy to some but it's way neater and I'm proud of that. I have this slight feeling that it might or might not contain spoilers, so I've decided to make it a separate description (it's placed below so you won't accidentally read it). This is technically still a draft and I haven't thought much. "Beautiful Lies" currently only has a few chapters (around 3 or 4 short chapters) and still doesn't have actual gameplay. I can't say I'm proud of the new chapters, since I'm still unsure if everything's going the right way. There are many aspects of the writing I'm still uncertain about, so I might change it in the future. It seems like the first gameplay is coming up real soon, though the preparation for that might take a lot more time (since it relies mostly on visuals. Well, at least that's the plan).
It always feels surreal whenever I see the date of the latest update. It doesn't feel like a long time has passed. The plan was to finish Chapter 1.3 in a week or so, but I struggled to express words. And school has gotten busier, added with all the personal stuff life throws. I'm convinced this one won't end up getting dropped though, no matter how long it takes to update. I really like the idea, and the story itself quite stands out from my other projects.

Description 2 (Might contain spoiler):
An amnesiac wanderer in a bright world of honesty and purity - where no lies or facade taints. Perhaps a paradise; a heaven. Regardless, do not forget that the brightest flame always casts the darkest shadow. As the story progresses, you'll come to know more about yourself, and perhaps, along the way, you'll come to hesitate, doubt, and hate. Then, you, Alice in this neverending wonderland; what path will you take when the time comes?

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