Amity x Li by KimikoMuffin

An entry in Ruin Jam 2014 about two girls in love, chatting about life. Amity Watkins and her girlfriend Li Anderson are seniors in high school in the smallish, obscure town of Foxville, Massachusetts. It's Saturday, only five episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal have been released, and Amity wants to give Li a flower pendant.

There's a number of choices, some of which might change part of the conversation later, but it's generally just a nice little story, where you don't have to worry about "winning" or "losing."

There are currently no plans for a direct sequel; however, the author has commented that they may do a reboot with the same protagonists and a similar premise.
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Review by Seven7
03 Sep 2017
Not what I was expecting....

Review by rednightmares
16 Jul 2017
I really loved this. The story was beautiful, and I loved the ending. (Amity is so cute!).

The only thing that I had a problem with was some spelling mistakes that I found. Other than that, it was perfect!

Review by VerdantVerbiage
03 Jul 2017
This is really cute and filled with creativity. I love how they basically saved the day with the power of Lesbianism. Also, extra points for including characters outside the gender binary. I haven't seen a lot of that in other things. Anyway, I love it! :)

Review by Regisblackgaard
29 Oct 2016
This story is the worst

Review by IcePhoenix6
01 Sep 2016
I think it was great! I loved that unexpected twist!

Review by charliegreen
04 Jul 2016

Review by Jadelynn
28 Dec 2015
Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! I love it so much. Will there be a sequel?

Review by Kassyfox
15 Aug 2015
That reminded me of what an ideal cartoon would be like! Two racially verse LGBT girls fighting crime with exciting super powers! I would watch every episode...10 out of 5 stars !!!

Review by nicolem
22 Mar 2015
That was unexpected! The effect that happens when the unexpected thing happens was very appropriate, and I think helped to make it LESS jarring in a way. Good job!

Review by MiserablePenguin
18 Mar 2015
I really like this!

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