Choices by Anita_lsn

sometimes it's the smallest choice that can change your life forever.
Review by lifeiswierd
18 Jul 2019
Ok, you two need to chill out. It really isn't even that bad. I love using Inklewriter and I'm glad you used it too. Yeah there are some spelling and grammar mistakes but the plot was actually really beautiful. Honestly, I don't think those other two reviewers are friends of the author, but if they are they are right. When you look past the mistakes, the story is really sad, and the twists are kind of shocking.
This was a really interesting story, I really liked it. Keep writing.

Review by manly_unicorn
22 Feb 2019
There is text speech and even emoticons written in the dialogue. There are several spelling mistakes and the writing is terrible. The plot "twists" are ridiculous. Nothing feels remotely believable or realistic.

Review by BluePhoenix
03 Sep 2017
Just horrible. The spelling was terrible making it extremely hard to understand. The grammar is not as bad as the spelling, but still pretty horrible. What little you could read was silly and cliched. Also not many, if there ever was any to begin with, "choices". The only saving grace is that it's mercifully short. Unless I got linked to a different game, the other two reviewers are either trying to be funny or are friends/family of the author. 5-star rating game my butt. Don't play this people.

Review by MrPikmin16
17 Aug 2017
That was really powerful, nice job

Review by RobotGuy999
13 Aug 2017
Very good with a sad twist! Perfect!

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