Pilgrims Progress Stage 1 by J Dyer

Welcome to The Pilgrims Progress (TA) Stage 1 by Jason Dyer, based on the book by John Bunyan (1628-1688). You can read the book at the following web site: http://www.ccel.org/ccel/bunyan/pilgrim.html

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Review by GreyOwl
26 Mar 2013
How do you get out of the bog? And it's a great story!

Review by Paul Lee
26 Feb 2011
The most interesting technical aspect of this game is the way it has two puzzle structured around real time. During one of these, I could have sworn I was playing an online MUD, because the game was printing the actions of an NPC every so often interspersed in real time with the text printed by my command. Although interesting, the real time elements are also limiting. The Quest menu interface comes very much in handy in order to complete this game.

I also love the idea of adapting this classic to IF. I have wondered for a long time what IF would be like if it existed back in the Middle Ages. I love morality literature like The Pilgrim's Progress, with virtues and vices being personified as characters. I think IF is well suited for allegory and symbolism, since surrealism is so well established and comes so naturally in IF, even if some people dislike it.

This game is simple and some parts can be slightly frustrating. Still, I appreciate it, and I would like to encourage the author to finish adapting the Pilgrim's Progress. The fact that such a thing exists makes me glad.

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J Dyer

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Written for Quest 4.1
Published 05 Nov 2010

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