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You are the caretaker.
You aid the machines.

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Review by Marzipan
27 Nov 2014
The page that ends with 'You don't say a word. It's been so long that you've forgotten how. Instead, you lay down there, waiting for the voice to come again.' doesn't seem meant to be a bad end, but it just sort of ends abruptly with no links. Is this an unfinished section or was it a mistake?

Otherwise, you've got some great writing here, I love how you drop little hints about the character and setting but in the end leave the reader to draw their own conclusions. I do feel like it could have been longer with more choices, this reads more like a short story adapted to a CYOA.

Review by Happy Grace
18 Aug 2013
Yeah! Super awesome!

Review by Morgen
12 Jun 2013
This was so short, I didn't understand what was going on.

Review by Hero Robb
21 May 2013
Seriously brilliant. I loved it. I enjoy when stories are vague and you need to actually work out what's happening yourself, but too often this is done by posers who think that lack of substance is the same as lack of explicitness. My only complaint is that I wanted to play longer, but quickly used all of the options and read them hungrily like a caged wolverine.

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