Triskele by chrisssims

Bizarre events interrupt your mundane life. Where will they lead you?

Estimated play time is 20 minutes. The game has a few possible endings, along with changes to details in those endings.

Triskele is an inklewriter story by Cal Moore and Chris Sims. It's the first we've produced.
Review by Ra1ken
07 Jul 2015
Good story. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Review by daniel&ashley
06 Jul 2015
Apparently, more than one ending is possible after all. I enjoyed the mystery of it, and loved that it was a little surreal. I would have liked more choices, and maybe wish it was a bit longer, but I liked it over all.

Review by SollyStartles
01 Jul 2015
I enjoyed playing through this. The writing was great, and the scenarios made me hesitant to answer in fear that I would not get a good ending.
Turns out, I think there's only one ending.

Anyway, the reason I am only giving four stars is because the fact that it was all a dream wasn't very explained and, well, it was a bit sudden.

For the most part, it was very enjoyable. Great job. :)

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