Ex-Human to Tiny by Arbonspou

Humans have discovered a new species of human, the Tiny race.

Tiny's appearance was similar to that of a human, except that it was only 1 centimeter in size. This discovery made the whole world astonished.

Unfortunately, the intelligence of the Tiny was as low as that of animals, so their interest in them was lost.

Although they have a human appearance, because they have low intelligence, they are not considered humans and have human rights, so Tinies have entered human society as exotic pets or strange food instead.
While you go home Suddenly, you felt a shock to the back of your neck before you lost consciousness.

When you woke up, you found yourself in a cage.

When you looked outside the cage and saw many giant people, you realized that you had become Tiny.

Latest update : Oct 24, 2566

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Review by Joth
17 Apr 2024
Rating 5 stars to bring that rating a bit higher, it's deserved :p
Really the game is really nice so far, the use of images (even if they seem AI) makes the thing even better.

Hope to see more !

Review by quocccc
24 Oct 2023


24 Oct 2023
Everything now feels so random and up to chance that it’s become unenjoyable.

Review by xavior
16 Oct 2023
Now I personally really like this! I can see this becoming something really really good. Just keep on improving and adding more things like you did with the friend and all. Although I personally would like more moments where your willingly eaten but that's just me! Looking forward to your next updates!

Review by lilbirbboy
15 Oct 2023
So far so good! Super well written, love the way you use images. It's wicked small right now and there aren't many interactions, but it's trending in a really good directions. I have high hopes for this project!

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