Go take a walk by Book Lord

This is my first game, its pretty simple and easy. Please comment on what you think I should add or if there are any problems, have fun!
Try to do these things-
1.Find Chuck Norris

2.Play soccer

3.Talk to Carl

4. Try not to get your wallet stolen
(The way you win is to use your wallet or cash to buy coffee and then drink it, but there is still more to do so try to save this part for later)

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Review by myNameIsJeffery
23 Apr 2018
first, I tried to talk to "sketchy man". From my first instinct, he seemed like a fine fellow, a man of good taste, a man you could sit down and have a meal with. To my dismay, this game doesn't even let you speak to him. Just because he's a MAN in the middle of the WOODS, he's suddenly "SKETCHY". This is what rampant POLITICAL CORRECTNESS has done to this country. Back in my day, you could climb in sketchy man's VAN because MEN were the pillar of SOCIETY. Now all these PC WARRIORS and FEMINAZIs want me to meet with SKETCHY WOMAN. This is a disgusting affront to my societal views. Also, I couldn't eat the coffee. 1/5

Review by Aech778010
28 Mar 2016
This is a humorous game, but needs MUCH MUCH MUCH improvement as well
There is potential in this though

28 Feb 2016
For your first try that was hilarious and awesome, (hint the part where you talk to CHUCK NORRIS, sorry for the all caps but the words won't stay lower cased...)

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