The Bipolar Series by Kylie_slayed_you21

This is just a series of poems that I created to help my get through my highs and lows of life. I honestly did not think that this would be a website for games, but I don't know, have fun reading this. See if you can relate.
Please, no negative feedback. Albeit if you have any websites where I can be able to publish my poems, I would like that very much please and thank you
Review by worldjudgement
25 Nov 2018
The poems are great! Maybe it could work some flow. The reason why I gave it 5 stars is because the way the poet delivers mood is so vividly and clearly that you can feel what they are feeling.

My favorite is Pause. It's different from all the poems since it doesn't try to send mood. Rather, it explains how powerful the ability of pausing is. I would think that pausing would be such an amazing ability that we all underestimate.

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