Three More Visitors by Paul Stanley

Christmas Eve! You tell Bob to go home early; tidy up a little, and lock up the office shortly after four. You look on the old brass plate, which still reads “Scrooge & Marley”, probably for the last time.

After visiting the engravers to pick up your package, you spend a few hours simply walking the busy streets, soaking in the happy anticipation all around. Then a simple, but magnificent, dinner at Kettners and a gentle stroll home. Time for bed.
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Review by daeun
15 Feb 2024
This game is taken from IFDB, so I guess it is a good game?
But I am going to be honest to myself, I can't even move out of my first room.

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Written by
Paul Stanley
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Published 31 Dec 2011
Listing added 15 Jan 2014

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