The Nurturing by guliguli--

Discipline is the most important aspect of nurturing a child, but where exactly would it go wrong? You've been taking your 'pills' ever since you were a young girl, you listened to your father's every word like he was a priest, so when he told you to take those pills, you did just that. But what if your father is holding a dirty secret? If mother says not to trust him, then you should listen to her, and you should rebel against the control your father holds against you. After all, you're sick of being a marionette, stuck dancing to the different tunes your father hummed, and moving your every limb exactly when he told you to. So what if there are so many people appearing and disappearing before your eyes, shadows playing with your mind. You don't need anyone but mother. Right...?

(Not finished! If another option does not show up, that means you've come to an end.)
Review by jesusslipped
18 Mar 2024
:) this game is very fun and is very entertaining

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