Reviews by jesusslipped

Review for The Nurturing
18 Mar 2024
:) this game is very fun and is very entertaining

Review for How was your sleep?
18 Mar 2024
:) I enjoyed this game

Review for A Tingle in Time
13 Mar 2024
I have never played Legend of Zelda but i thought this game would be a silly little game. i was right!! this was so goofy and i really enjoyed this! amazing job!

Review for The Hunger Games
12 Mar 2024
I was very excited to play this game. As a big fan of The Hunger Games, I eagerly anticipated experiencing it. The game immerses you in the world of the Hunger Games, akin to a fan fiction adventure.

The concept of the game was quite clever, and I found it amazing, despite its unfinished state. The game holds immense potential. The only minor issue I encountered was with the font—it was slightly challenging to read, although that might have been just me.

Overall, my experience with The Hunger Games game was delightful, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any fellow Hunger Games fans!