Santa Carcossa Nights by bitterkarella

Book your trip to the charming beachside community of Santa Carcossa today! For generations, Santa Carcossa has been a well-kept secret among savvy vacationers. Relax and enjoy sun, surf, and sand on our pristine beaches, or stroll our historical shopping district for the perfect memento of your visit. Santa Carcossa is home to fine dining, high-end shops, and luxury attractions that the whole family can enjoy. Santa Carcossa - Still accessible via Sectors L and R when the roads are open.

Twenty years later, something is drawing you back to Santa Carcossa. You feel like there's something here that can help. Something that can get you out. As the sun hangs dying in the sky and the world turns to dust and fire, you grasp at one last shot at salvation.

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Review by WordyDumpling
07 Aug 2019
The game has a wonderfully eerie, melancholy atmosphere and does a great job of using language, imagery and story beats to give the impression of a world breathing it's last breaths.

It manages to maintain a dark atmosphere throughout its length without becoming an unfun slog, thanks to puzzles with solutions that are intuitive without being brainless. They are satisfying to go through and none of them are so out-there as to undermine the mood.

Not to spoil anything, but the plot is enjoyable for similar reasons, with enough details scattered around to let you make some pretty informed guesses about how characters and events relate to one another before they are confirmed outright later on.

Overall, a depressing adventure that put a smile on my face.

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