Depression Quest by Zoe Quinn, Patrick Lindsey, Isaac Schankler

"An interactive (non)fiction about living with depression." The player of this multimedia hypertext game is given a series of everyday life events, and has to attempt to manage their illness, relationships, job, and possible treatment.

This game aims to show other sufferers of depression that they are not alone in their feelings, and to illustrate to people who may not understand the illness the depths of what it can do to people.

Official Selection - Indiecade 2013 Winner - Best Narrative Game - Boston FIG Winner - Best in Category - Mass DiGi Honorable Mention - Mozilla GameOn Competiton
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Review by Camero2K
17 Dec 2020
NOTE: This review has nothing to do with the scandal, which in turn has nothing to do with this game itself.
As far as I've played (I didn't finish it), if the game didn't keep telling me that I'm depressed, I wouldn't actually know what it is, in fact I still didn't know what was that, it looks more like a heavy boredom than depression.
Visuals are largely pointless. The game already tells me what does the environment have every time, so I didn't need to see them. I somehow didn't hear any music whatsoever.
The character was always depressed no matter what happens and it always skips some days so we don't know what exactly happened.
The game was also obsessed with black and gray. In fact, the screen you face to doesn't even *remotely* change at all, only text and "visual" are different.
In overall, this game's not worth it.

Review by SlapstickGames
11 Sep 2020

Review by kdjack
12 Apr 2020
This really does show what's going on in your head with a mental illness. I could absolutely recognize how I felt playing through this as the way I've felt making my way through my own decisions and my own path to recovering.

Review by FantasyLand
16 Dec 2018
Very accurate and sweet. I was able to get the good ending on my first try. Great game!

Review by lemontears
20 Aug 2018
Incredible. I am left speechless, but in a good way.

Review by SoftheartRocks
08 Oct 2017
Thank you. I went into this, prepared to write a review for a game that was stupid and mocked the true severity of depression. Thank you, for finally showing people that depression is a real issue.

Review by matthew elam
25 Nov 2016
If you have not experienced it its crap. If you have been through it , its spot on.

Review by ashstansell
30 Oct 2016
The formatting is clean and easy to understand. That`s a draw, but not the only reason I like it. Games or media in general talking about this topic is scarce, and I`m glad you took the time to put research, love, and effort in the game to paint a realistic picture of depression.

Review by AC Me Rolin
05 Aug 2016
Definitely needs work, In my opinion. Try not to get it dodgily endorsed too, okay?

Review by S36
11 Mar 2016
An engaging and impressively accurate game. It reflects what I have seen in close friends and family. Great game for those who want to learn about depression.

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Written by
Zoe Quinn, Patrick Lindsey, Isaac Schankler
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Published 2013
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