Reviews by Camero2K

Review for First Time
04 Sep 2021
Very great game!
You should expand it with Part 2

Review for FightCraft Hardcore
28 Jul 2021
I've just took a quick look and I think the game has potential. But starting with crafting table and furnace takes the "hardcore" charm away for me :D
Keep it up!

27 Jan 2021
Now that's straight funny! I've played two different ways in this game so far, but the game already promising more. Dialogues between me and Hershey are often funny. Its a well made gamebook, congratulations! I'm adding this to my favourites.

07 Jan 2021
Don't understand what's the deal with the whole "vore" thing. But of course this is an interesting concept.

30 Dec 2020
Got some Lemon Simulator vibes. Loved playing it.

27 Dec 2020
As a Computer Science student myself, I'm exactly inside the scope of those questions.
I got 19 points and the game overall was truly educating. Though this game was not *truly* about being a software developer judging by the roots of the concept, this game does a very fair job teaching what is right and what is wrong in a job environment.
The mentioned experience of over 10 years only makes it better. Great job. Would like to see an improved version here.

Review for Depression Quest
17 Dec 2020
NOTE: This review has nothing to do with the scandal, which in turn has nothing to do with this game itself.
As far as I've played (I didn't finish it), if the game didn't keep telling me that I'm depressed, I wouldn't actually know what it is, in fact I still didn't know what was that, it looks more like a heavy boredom than depression.
Visuals are largely pointless. The game already tells me what does the environment have every time, so I didn't need to see them. I somehow didn't hear any music whatsoever.
The character was always depressed no matter what happens and it always skips some days so we don't know what exactly happened.
The game was also obsessed with black and gray. In fact, the screen you face to doesn't even *remotely* change at all, only text and "visual" are different.
In overall, this game's not worth it.

17 Dec 2020
I remember playing this game. All I will say is:
Too bad we weren't lucky enough to see a 2015 version.

25 Nov 2020
A short but thrilling adventure. I can't say too much about its "thriller" aspect since it is my first experience in that category, but I can tell some qualities I think worth fixing:

1 - There are some punctuation errors in this game. Not a major problem, but it would be better if the game didn't have them.
2 - Each page either has one of two choices. This can be okay if you're beginner in choose-your-own type games. But I think this game needs more options, more pathways and more possible ends, this will make it better and more worthy to play.

Other than that, visuals and descriptions are well fitting. Given to the fact it was made in a day, it is impressive at a point.

That's my two cents.