A Day by happysappygirl101

The endless cycle of monotony and depression of an average individual. Just another day... And another... And another...

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Review by MissCass
11 Aug 2017
So it's never ending. I get the message.

Review by Pipper
26 Mar 2017
That was good in a very very very sad way I even cried a little.
The thing that's the most sad about this is that it actually happens in real life. Not the dreams maybe but the other stuff

Review by pietre61
18 Feb 2016
This is one of the saddest things I have ever read, though God forbid not in a bad way. I really liked it. That's all I have to say. Thanks.

Review by Noxyoursox
23 Jan 2016
Thank you so much for making this.

Review by busted
11 May 2015
This was so beautiful. I am speechless, thank you for making this.

Review by LewisMC
03 Apr 2015
So much loopz! SO MUCH LOOPZ!

Review by JonahE
18 Jan 2015
What can i say. This spoke to me in a way little else on this website has, i thank happysappygirl101 or Naomi for making this and sharing this part of yourself with us. This is exactly what my life has become lately and seeing that i am not alone in the cycle has helped me tremendously. Thank you...

Review by Alaska
03 Dec 2014
Almost made me cry, that's basically all of my days routine.

Review by falljewel19
18 Jun 2014
This was beautiful. Thank you

Review by Kamaton999
28 Apr 2014
I know that feel bro. That's really all that needs to be said.

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