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Surreal puzzle solving and code cracking. Give it a shot! Tip - in the strange dimension, write down verbs and nouns you discover on a piece of paper.
Version 1.3 - Now somewhat less cruel (more flexible with some inputs). There is a RESTART command instead of having to quit the game but I need to test it more thoroughly.
Version 1.4 - It gets a bit easier every time I update it but it's still very hard. Fixed some spelling errors. it's/its.
version 1.5 - removed bugs (like 2 easts) did rejigging of some things too for theme. Wonder what other bugs I've created. I think it was only possible to finish the game because of a restart bug! fixed that too.
version 1.6 - game helps a bit more where it was sorely needed making it is more possible to get somewhere.
version 1.7 - a bug caused player to get stuck in warehouse - fixed. I created this bug when I fixed things earlier (v 1.5)

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Review by ejm29
23 Feb 2015
A well rounded game, a great idea made effective and fun. I have not played a puzzle game quite this fun before!

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 16 Feb 2015
Updated 08 Aug 2017